Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Deck! (In progress)

We are finally doing it. We are finally completing our deck on the back of our house. We had and still have some big plans for it. We were going to build a frame around the entire thing, put lattice all the way up on one side to block the ac, and then keep the rest of the frame open with lattice only half way up. We were also planning on building a pergola across the top to plant a very pretty vine on called a purple passion flower.
So far, we have built the frame around the entire deck. We also replaced a very rickety pair of stairs that originally attached to the deck.

Full view of the whole deck. Notice how the frame is finished, but we haven't attached any of the lattice, so it looks a little odd.

A Closer View that includes the stairs. We will be enclosing the entire left hand side of the deck to create an intimate dining area and to block the view of the AC

A View of the Lattice we'll be putting up and the right hand side of the deck that we are leaving open except for lattice on the bottom half.

For the dining area on the right side we are planning a pergola over the top of the deck. On the other side we are planning to leave it open for a seating area, outdoor fireplace, and the grill. I also want to get a chandelier for over the table in the dining area. I'm thinking about something that is rustic and informal. I think it will just look stunning hanging from the pergola over the table.

For the other side of the deck in the seating area. I love this set from Smith and Hawken at Target. Its called the Marlton Collection. I also want to include an outdoor fireplace for those cool Autumn nights. I'm so excited just thinking about it!


Allison said...

Ooh, I love outdoor fireplaces! I wish I were still in Louisville so I could invite myself over when the deck's finished :) It seems like it'll be a neat place to be!

euroantiquer said...


I absolutely adore that chandelier!
How creative. I might have to steal that idea for my shop
Thanks for the photos!